April 05, 2016, Clearwater, FL – Churchill Stateside Group (“CSG”), a real estate financial services company serving developers and investors in the multifamily housing, renewable energy and historic tax credit industries, today announced a Live Webinar to discuss the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) recent Multifamily for Tomorrow Transformation.

What does this Transformation mean for your bottom line?

Join Churchill’s team to hear about the Transformation, MIP reductions, and highlights of the new MAP guide including underwriting changes and LIHTC Program enhancements. The online event will be co-hosted by Wendy Stamnas, Senior Vice President and FHA Chief Underwriter, and Edward “Skip” Santos, Senior Vice President. Ms. Stamnas has more than 29 years of experience in commercial real estate in all of FHA’s programs with over $1 billion in transactions. Edward “Skip” Santos, has concentrated on multifamily loan requests processed through the HUD MAP Program since 2001. Churchill presenters include Jerome Sullivan, Dan Duda, and Aniko Rakita.

Our special guest is Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.  With 30 Offices in the US and its highly experienced professional staff, the company is an industry leader.  Providing FHA due diligence for Architectural and Engineering, Cost Review, Property Needs Assessments, ASTM Standards, and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry.  Brad Fountain directs Partner’s HUD Multi-family and Lean Heath Care due diligence program.  Mr. Fountain has significant experience in the environmental and engineering services.  Kelsey Shaw of Partner Energy, the sister company to Partner Engineering, will provide the How, What, and Process to achieve the lower MIP through energy efficiency.

“HUD Multifamily has recently implemented significant changes, from the transformation of its underwriting platform to the updated HUD MAP guide that we at Churchill believe calls for a needed, timely update for our clients that we will provide via our informational webinar,” stated Keith J. Gloeckl CEO of Churchill Stateside Group.

The webinar is taking place on Thursday 28 April, 2:00 pm Eastern time and is free to attend. Joining instructions are available on the event website: http://www.csgfirst.com/events/hud-map-guide-live-webinar/

About Churchill Stateside Group, LLC


Churchill Stateside Group and its wholly owned affiliates serve the affordable housing and renewable energy industries.  CSG pursues high quality lending and investment opportunities across the nation.  The company, through its subsidiary Churchill Mortgage Investment LLC, is an approved USDA Rural Development lender, FHA MAP/LEAN lender and Ginnie Mae Issuer.  CSG sponsors tax credit equity investment funds for institutional investors and provides a variety of construction and permanent financing solutions.  The company’s investor and developer clients benefit from our experienced staff, prominent and proactive senior leadership, and attractive debt and equity platforms.


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