Churchill Stateside Group partners with U.S. solar and storage developers to provide financing and tax credit solutions.

Our Renewable Energy Finance Group has facilitated the development and financing of the American Clean Energy Transition since 2006, partnering with some of the world's foremost developers, unlocking billions in tax equity for their projects.

Our commitment to excellence and our solution-oriented team have fostered enduring relationships with our valued clients.

Renewable Energy

Project Developers

Monetize your Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits

CSG provides developers with the necessary capital tools and structures to realize their solar and storage projects, while effectively managing and mitigating associated risks.

CSG's proficiency in renewable energy project finance encompasses every phase of the project life-cycle:

  • Leading-edge green technologies
  • Environmental and policy regulation
  • Compliance and tax expertise.

Renewable Energy

Tax Credit Buyers

Use your Tax Dollars for Environmental Impact

CSG empowers major corporations, insurance firms, and global conglomerates to leverage their tax liabilities for renewable energy tax credits with environmental impact and material financial benefits

Tax equity and transfer credit investments are indispensable financial instruments driving the energy transition in the United States. 

Renewable energy tax equity investments provide:

  • Solid after-tax returns
  • ADDITIVE power to the US clean energy grid
  • Massive impact to corporate sustainability efforts, reducing Scope 2 emissions

Why CSG?

Deep Expertise: Since 2006, our team has structured, closed and serviced billions in tax equity for major corporations, insurance companies and multinationals. CSG knows what it takes to connect developers to investors and close transactions through a variety of investment structures including direct investments, sale-leasebacks, flip transactions and transfer tax credits.

Bespoke Solutions: We work closely with leading developers, institutional investors, and corporations to craft bespoke green energy infrastructure solutions. Our team tailors each investment to meet our client’s specific requirements including transaction size. Every project has specific development, finance, investment and market considerations and we offer our clients the knowledge, experience and resources to help navigate these challenges.

Comprehensive Services: We specialize in tax equity and transfer tax credit optimization, and work with the nations leaders in renewable energy transaction law, engineering, audit and compliance.The CSG team enables clean energy developers to fully leverage their energy credits.


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