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CSG’s team has direct experience syndicating more than $3 billion in tax credits for affordable multifamily rental housing properties under the federal and state Low Income Housing Tax Credit (“LIHTC”) programs, as well as Entertainment and Film Production Tax Credits (“FPTC”) offered by certain states. In recent years, with the introduction of renewable energy incentive programs, our team has become active in the syndication of Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits (“ITC”). Several of our key principals have been active in low income housing tax credit syndication since the inception of the LIHTC program in 1986.

Affordable Housing Tax Credit Solutions

As a syndicator, CSG helps bridge the gap between the various parties to affordable housing transactions. Our team raises money from investors and identifies low-income housing projects in which to invest that capital. CSG works with developers of all types to finance new construction, rehabilitation and mixed-use developments. We offer reliable, flexible underwriting and competitive pricing.

With regard to experience, our team and advisers are proven, with successful track records in LIHTC syndication and fund management. Our company’s leadership and advisers have been involved in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program since its inception in 1986.

About the LIHTC Program

The federal (LIHTC) was created as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and it is one of the most effective tools ever created for financing the development of affordable housing. To encourage private investment in affordable rental housing, the federal government allocates housing credits to each state based on population. The state then awards those credits to the projects that best meet its specified goals for affordable housing. The property developer can sell the credits to a syndicator to raise equity for construction. This equity reduces the amount developers must borrow to bring their projects to completion. As a syndicator, CSG creates investment funds to pool capital from LIHTC investors. We use these funds to purchase the tax credits from the developer in exchange for an equity stake in the housing development. In return, investors receive a credit based on the size of their investment, which they can use to reduce or eliminate their federal income tax liability. Investors can also realize losses, which provide an additional tax benefit. By way of this process, the communities in which we live and work are revitalized, low-income and elderly renters are provided with safe and affordable homes, and many economic benefits are realized.

  • The LIHTC has helped fund more than 2 million homes that are affordable to low-income families, the formerly homeless, the elderly, the mentally handicapped and others with special needs.
  • LIHTC housing serves households earning 60% or less of the area median income with rents restricted to keep the units affordable for working-class families, seniors, and underserved and rural communities.
  • The LIHTC is a job creator, generating approximately $7.1 billion in economic income and approximately 95,000 jobs per year across all U.S. industries.

For more facts about the LIHTC program, National Association of Home Builder’s Report: The LIHTC: The Most Successful Affordable Rental Housing Production Program in our Nation’s History.

We encourage developers and federal tax credit investors to call our acquisitions team for more information about our LIHTC syndication capabilities.

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